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Blud vision, nausa, loss apptit, dowsinss, dizzinss, lighthaddnss, hadach, dy mouth, constipation, toubl slping may occu. I any ths cts last gt wos, tll you doctphamacist pomptly.

Amantadin oal capsul can intact with oth mdications, vitamins, hbs you may b taking. An intaction is whn a substanc changs th way a dug woks. This can b hamul pvnt th dug om woking wll.

Dnot stop taking this mdication without consulting you docto. You condition may gt wos i this dug is suddnly stoppd i you dos is quickly dcasd. You doctmay gadually duc you dos tlssn th chanc symptoms such as agitation, anxity, hallucinations, dpssion, slud spch. Tll you doctight away any nw wosning symptoms.

Nappciabl mtabolism, although ngligibl amounts an actyl mtabolit hav bn idntiid.

Tll you doctight away i you hav any sious sid cts, including: puplish-d blotchy spots on th skin (spcially on th lgs), swlling th ankls/t, diiculty uinating, vision changs, unusual stong ugs (such as incasd gambling, incasd sxual ugs, uncontolld spnding), mntal/mood changs (such as anxity, dpssion, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts/attmpts), muscl spasms.

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