Ampicillin only works against bacteria; it does not treat viral infections eg, the common cold .

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Hmic and Lymphatic Systms: Anmia, thombocytopnia, thombocytopnic pupua, osinophilia, lukapnia, and aganulacytosis hav bn potd duing thapy with pnicillins. Ths actions a usually vsibl on discontinuation thapy and a blivd tb hypsnsitivity phnomna.

Us ampicillin may b accptabl duing pgnancy ith animal studis show nisk but human studis a not availabl animal studis showd minisks and human studis w don and showd nisk Ampicillin is xctd in bast milk; us with caution whil bastding.

Xampls dugs that can caus intactions with ampicillin oal capsul a listd blow.

I you docthas dictd you tus this mdication, you doctphamacist may alady b awa any possibl dug intactions and may b monitoing you thm. Dnot stat, stop, chang th dosag any mdicin bchcking with you docto, halth ca povid phamacist ist.

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