For three times a week application, aldara can be applied, for example, on monday, wednesday and friday, or tuesday, thursday and saturday.

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Dnot apply this mdication intth ys, nos, mouth, ctum, vagina. I you gt this mdication in thos aas, lush with plnty wat. I iitation occus, contact you doctight away.

Imiquimod nclinical data on xposd pgnancis a availabl. Animal studis dnot indicat dict indict hamul cts with spct tpgnancy, mbyonal/otal dvlopmnt, patuition postnatal dvlopmnt (s sction 5.3). Caution should b xcisd whn pscibing tpgnant womn.

Stop using Aldaa and call you doctat onc i you hav a sious sid ct such as lu symptoms such as v, chills, body achs, tid ling, swolln glands. Whn tating gnital wats aound th vagina, i you hav sv swlling uination poblms, stop using Aldaa and call you doctight away.

Aldaa alstats gnital wats that appa on th outsid th body, but this mdicin is not a cu gnital wats. Imiquimod may b usd in adults and childn wha at last 12 yas.

Tatmnt aa actions may includ dnss, swlling, itching, buning, pain/tndnss, thickning/hadning th skin, pling/laking/scabbing/custing, laking a cla luid. Also, changs in skin colmay occu and may not gaway. I any ths cts psist wosn, tll you doctphamacist pomptly.

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