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Estrogen is a hormone made by the bodyIt helps the body develop and maintain female sex characteristicsBeing exposed to estrogen over a long time may increase the risk of breast cancerEstrogen levels are highest during the years a woman is menstruating.

Men who have inherited certain changes in the brca2 gene have a higher risk of breastprostateand pancreatic cancersand lymphoma.

Each breast also has blood vessels and lymph vesselsThe lymph vessels carry an almost colorless fluid called lymphLymph vessels lead to organs called lymph nodesLymph nodes are small bean-shaped structures that are found throughout the bodyThey filter lymph and store white blood cells that help fight infection and diseaseClusters of lymph nodes are found near the breast in the axillaunder the armabove the collarboneand in the chest.

Estrogen-only hormone therapy after hysterectomyselective estrogen receptor modulatorsaromatase inhibitors and inactivators.

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