The following medicines may interact with azathioprine live vaccines such as smallpox and yellow fever vaccines concomitant use is contraindicated febuxostat allopurinol balsalazide captopril cimetidine clozapine co-trimoxazole digoxin enalapril furosemide indomethacin olsalazine mercaptopurine mesalazine penicillamine phenytoin sulfasalazine succinylcholine trimethoprim tubocurarine warfarin.

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In hyperophic cariomyopathyoutflow obstruction may worsen due to positive inotropic effects of digoxinavoid use unless used to control ventricular response with atrial fibrillationin the absence of atrial fibrillationdigoxin is potentially harmful in the treatment of dyspnea in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

An electrolyte imbalancesuch as low levels of calciumpotassiumor magnesium in your blood

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in coronary patients with symptomatic diastolic heart failure with preserved systolic function low-dose digoxin was significantly more effective than ivabradine and is much cheaper.