18 it is possible the chloramphenicol would produce similar synergism with other antibiotics which act by inhibiting protein synthesis.

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Nausea vomiting diarrhea tongue or mouth sores headache depression confusion.

If the eye ointment is to be used on a long-term or intermittent basisit may be advisable to perform a routine blood profile before therapy and at appropriate intervals thereafter to detect any haemopoietic abnormalities.

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Chloramphenicol works by helping to kill the bacteria which are causing the infectionIt is available on prescriptionYou can also buy the drops and the ointment from a pharmacywithout a prescriptionif it is for conjunctivitis in an adult or in a child over 2 years of ageDo not use chloramphenicol eye drops or ointment for a child under 2 years oldunless it has been prescribed by a doctor.

Chloramphenicol may cause Gray syndrome and seriousfatal blood dyscrasiasGray syndrome occurs in pre-mature infants and neonatesIt involves abdominal distentionpallid cyanosisand vasomotor collapse leading to deathBlood dyscrasias are reductions in blood cells leading to aplastic anemiathrombocytopeniaand granulocytopenia.

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total urinary excretion of chloramphenicol in these studies ranged from a low of 68 to a high of 99 over a three-day period.