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The risk of QT prolongation may be increased if you have certain medical conditions or are taking other drugs that may cause QT prolongationBefore using risperidonetell your doctor or pharmacist of all the drugs you take and if you have any of the following conditionscertain heart problemsheart failureslow heartbeatQT prolongation in the EKGfamily history of certain heart problemsQT prolongation in the EKGsudden cardiac death

Weight gain Restlessness Agitation Dry mouth Increased saliva Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea Constipation Trouble urinating Stomach pain Vision problems Muscle or joint paint Heartburn Increased appetite Anxiety Trouble sleeping Breast enlargement Late or missed menstrual periods Decreased sexual ability Dry or discolored skin.

This site is published by Janssen PharmaceuticalsIncwhich is solely responsible for its contentsThis information is intended for the use of healthcare professionals in the United States onlyJanssen PharmaceuticalsIncrecognizes that the Internet is a global communications mediumhoweverlawsregulatory requirementsand medical practices for pharmaceutical products vary from country to countryThe Prescribing Information included here may not be appropriate for use outside the United States.

Medicare patients who have limited income and resources may qualify forextra helpto pay for prescription drugsThe Low-Income SubsidyLISprogram from Medicare provides financial assistance for patients who may otherwise be unable to afford the costs associated with their Medicare Part D plan.

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but it s generally best to avoid antipsychotic drugs, such as olanzapine zyprexa and generic , quetiapine seroquel and generic , and risperidone risperdal and generic , unless they re absolutely necessary for example, to quell severe agitation or hallucinations.